We have tried to test this program with every mailing list. However, it is possible that sometimes commands submitted with the Mailing List manager are not correctly understood by the mailing list they are sent to. Make sure to keep a copy of the welcome message and instructions that you usually will receive directly from the mailing list. That message will explain how to subscribe, unsubscribe and send other commands directly to the mailing list. Please do not send us any request to be removed from a particular mailing list as we won't be able to unsubscribe you. Some mailing lists generate a lot of e-mail traffic, sometimes as high as fifty or more messages per day. Subscribing to many mailing lists at once can fill up your mailbox very quickly. Please remember, that the primary purpose of listTool is to simplify subscribing and unsubscribing to mailing lists. The "Review" command has been provided for convenience of the users and NOT AS A TOOL FOR GATHERING EMAIL ADDRESSES. WE KEEP A LOG OF COMMANDS TRANSMITTED AND NO ABUSE OF THIS SOFTWARE WILL BE TOLERATED.

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